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Concrete design | Lighting & Furniture

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About Tung Shape

Tung is created by Steven Albert Bush.
The lamps are made of concrete.

Motivation: to take an ancient material and tweak it a bit for today.

The lights are 12 volt LED’s with a color temperature of 3400° K. The lamps are cast into the form and have a lifespan on average of 50,000 hrs. Lamps are waterproof. Control is via soft touch dimmers. Outdoor models can be totally solar/battery/auto/on/off.

Each product is a unique, hand made piece. Color pigments add customization to match any color way. Multiple colors in one form create wild and beautiful blends.

Gallery owners, interior designers, architects and private individuals may contact me via.

Product exampke

Tung Shapes

Ceiling Lamp

Ellipse Lamp

T Lamp


Desk Lamp

Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp Reflex

Round Square Lamp

Square Lamp

Table Lamp

Kidney lamp

Loop lamp

Mini Ellipse Lamp

Ottoman Lamp

Wall Lamp

Wall Lamp

Get your own Tung Shape

Get your own custom handmade lightning and/or furniture, shipping all over the world.